Craftcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, which facilitates the financial transactions of the craftbeer industry.

Our Craftcoins will channel the craftbeer movement and they will steer the growing attention towards our craftbeer Crypto. The entire food industry, especially beer, is international and thrives on export and import. A cryptocurrency makes transactions cheaper, safer and faster. This way, craftcoin facilitates the global trade as a digital currency is international from the start.


The craftcoin (in short: CRA) is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. Our token is ERC20 and is being issued by Robin Green PLC. It is a decentralized, blockchain based token. Its technology is based on the open source software Ethereum. This way coins can be transferred on a global scale safely, 24/7, at a low cost and fast. Standardised processes, so called “smart contracts” are typical fields of application. They make it possible to display contracts through computer protocols, to verify them or to support the technical operation of a contract.