All ethereum wallets work, for example myetherwallet. We plan to offer a particular cold wallet in form of a stylish plastic card.

So far ethereum but we plan to also offer bitcoins as an option.

About 30 million craftcoins will be available for purchase.

The token sale is our initial offer for an interested and approved circle of prospects to exchange craftcoins with other crypto currencies (e.g Ethereum). We aim to sell tokens worth about 30 million euro in order to finance our expansion.

It is a particularly tasty, light and bright craft beer with little alcohol as a SMASH beer (single hop and single malt). The encryption takes place through the code on the back of the crown cap, which can be exchanged into craftcoin. This way you can enjoy beer, dive into the crypto world and earn cryptocurrency.

Craftcoin is a digital currency, similar to the well known Bitcoin. Through the purchase of our crypto beer you receive a code in our crown cap which can be transferred into craftcoin through an app.
With craftcoin you can buy craftbeer and pay in cryptobars. Craftcoins can be sent 24/7 and can be traded with other cryptocurrencies.

Robin Green calls itself a craftbeer revolution company. We want that people worldwide will get to know and drink our great beer. We help this fantastic product to triumph on the global market. That’s why we brew craftbeer according to our own recipes, we sell it online, we invented the first encrypted beer Crypto and soon we will open the cryptobars, which will become a meeting spot for the craftbeer and the crypto community.
We want to use the incredibly big opportunities of the blockchain technology in connection with one of the most popular consumer products: beer.

Our business model is to sell craftbeer, both brewed by us or by other craftbeer breweries. On top of that we as franchisors want to make revenues from cryptobars through entrance fees and licencing fees.